Rukai Sanagati

The Canvas of the Steppes


Let's fall in love for the night
And forget in the mornin'

It is now the fifth time he had moved residences in the past four years, and perhaps concerningly, the second time he's "settling down for good".

Play me a song that you like
You can bet I'll know every line

This time it's different, and he swears this upon his life. "I'm in love," crooned as he drums his fingertips over the counter, sneaks a fond look o'er yonder into the crowd.

This time, he's calling it "the true happy ending".

I'm the boy that your boy hoped that you would avoid

"Outreach," he says. "Giving back to the community for once in my life." His life begins in the alleyways spray-painted with graffiti, the dark corners where needles and ink speak louder than tongues.

Don't waste your eyes on jealous guys, fuck that noise

It ends on glittering stages where he sings rambunctiously, and in the distinctive smell of coffee and a pathological lack of sleep that only one can really fix.

I know better than to call you mine

"In love." Forlorn smiles, teasing kisses, sweetest serpentine whispers. Serenades and letters and wistful walk-you-home-s after a late-night shift. He's a liar and a cheat most cordial.


NAMERukai Uyagir Sanagati
AGELate twenties? Ambiguous
GENDERCis-masculine (He/Him)
ORIGINAzim Steppes (Hundred-and-One Revelations)
RACEAu Ra Xaela (50% Oronir, 50% Uyagir)
ALIGNMENTChaotic Neutral L Awful

You need a pick me up?
I'll be there in twenty five

ORIENTATIONPansexual Aromantic
SPOUSEValka Sanagati

★ - OCs. Give 'em love!

OCCUPATION IThe Blackscale Parlor - Tattoo Artist
OCCUPATION IIThe New Morgue - Bartender
OCCUPATION IIIAssorted Venues - Performer
PARENTSSarnai Uyagir & Gerel Oronir
UNCLEGazhan Uyagir ★
TWINZayaat Uyagir ★
YOUNGER SISTERGanzaya Uyagir ★
OTHER BLOOD-KINSaya & Yul Uyagir


He runs a tattoo parlor.

Rukai offers tattoo design and work services in several parlors across the Star.Tattoos meld differently to each body form, and Rukai is invested in figuring out the best aesthetics for it all. He is always looking for people to endure a little bit of temporary ink or a plaster-on sleeve for promotional purposes.Read about his main parlor, the Blackscale Parlor in Thavnair, --> HERE for more information on pricing & potential job offers!

Looking for a mentor? PIVOTAL

The lad's down to teach folks how to tattoo, as well as an oddity of other things such as singing, guitar/morin-khar lessons, language lessons (Hannish, Old Au Ri, Common, Hingan), and archery. Inquire within.

Not picky with his job.

A tattoo artist's best customers are the shady sort, which means he has his share of dabbling in illegal commodities... and other odd jobs when the parlor isn't getting much foot traffic. Outside of art, Rukai also smuggles, spies, sings and is incredibly glad to do most of whatever you throw his way.

Chronically Creative!

He'd love to discuss arts n' music n' dance when anyone who is so inclined.

Friends with Benefits. PAST

Playful lasciviousness is a marked trait of this man. If you want an easy, friendly, low-maintenance past-fling connection, he'll make a wonderful addition to the repertoire.

Are you a xaela? PAST

Did you know him from his childhood? Or perhaps you know his parents.Rukai's youth was spent with the Uyagiri, though he made his mistake to seek out his father in his teens alongside his twin brother. A decade was spent working odd jobs and risky scouting for the Oronir, should you recognize him from his time wearing a yellow banner.If you're a Xaela setting out for the first time in Eorzea, this Uyagiri will be much happy to accompany you as a translator and annoying friend.

Thavnarian acquaintances? PIVOTAL

This Xaela is absolutely looking to immerse himself in the lives of the locals. Speaking confidently in Hannish, meet him wandering the streets or haunting the gaudy lounges of the trade city.

Liar and 'Honesty'. PIVOTAL

A shadowy simulacrum lingers on aetheric residues of those vanquished by this errant Xaela. Resembling the practices of a Dark Knight but something distinctively Au Ri, try you assist him in perfecting these finicky arts?

To Fortify Flesh. PIVOTAL

Combining East Othard-based aetherology, acupunctural practices, and tattoo in one- the Xaela is recently dabbling into body-enhancing glyphic tattoos. Still quite in its alpha test, however- are you someone desperate enough to try this new art out, or one wanting to give the artist some tips n' tricks?


I like to push my luck
So take my hand, let's take a drive

Lore & Etc Disclaimer
As a PoC writer, I respect lore- as well as the culture it draws influence from- immensely.
Xaelic tribes were inspired by Mongolian culture and I strive to respect and pay due tribute to its wonders. If you are expecting to find ye unga-bunga Au Ra here, I am not the right roleplayer for you.

Player Information
In Game: Rukai Sanagati @ Mateus
OOC: Asper/Asp || Adam
He/him || 21+ || LGBTQ+
Discord: Asper#0300Availability:
In Game (varies, please ask!)
Discord Anytime I'm awake tbhAs my OOC life is rather hectic, I would immensely appreciate it if scenes, outside Discord RP, are scheduled beforehand.

> Long-term plots. Character growth is rad.
> Multi-paragraph posts. English is not my first language but I try to write muchly and goodly.
> Dice for combat, though logic is a-okay.
> All genres of RP.

No Nos:
> No WoL, lore-breaking OCs, etc.
> Mature scenes require understanding that all involved players are 21+.
> Romance is off the tables for the lad.